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Welcome to Biokinetics

For over 40 years, Biokinetics mission has been to protect the human body from blunt impact injury, ballistic threats and blast effects.



Protect the soldier by reducing the effects of blunt impact, ballistic and blast threats to the body.


Police and Corrections

Protect the officer with better product standards and independent testing of ballistic and stab armour.



Create a safer world for motor vehicle occupants and two wheeled vehicle riders by applied impact biomechanics.



Achieve better head and body protection through accident analysis, threat reduction and protective equipment design.

Latest News

  • Personal Armour Systems Symposium Personal Armour Systems Symposium
    Biokinetics will be at the PASS in Amsterdam on Sep. 19th-23rd to discuss behind armour blunt trauma (BABT) assessment methods. While there are more...
  • Celebrating 40 Years! Celebrating 40 Years!
    We have been Making an Impact on Safety for 40 years! Over four decades we have marched ahead, tackling injuries in sports, driving down automotive fatalities...
  • Our Community is Our Business Our Community is Our Business
    Biokinetics 5th annual food drive was a success! We are very proud that the local business community has pulled together to help those in need by collecting...
  • Taking a Stab at Updating Armour Standards Taking a Stab at Updating Armour Standards
    Body armour standards for stab resistance better represent street threats than those encountered in a prison or corrections environment. It was speculated...