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Aged Body Armour

Aged_Armour_lgbThe degradation of soft body armor performance is largely undocumented. As a result, police forces in Canada and the U.S. have no basis for replacing their body armor. An ongoing study is aiming at getting the answers that will help police forces. Upon request of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) has investigated the performance of in-service armour with the intent of developing an aged armour replacement protocol to help to ensure effectiveness of police body armour. For more information, please read the 2012 paper…


overlayAccess test data at anytime, anywhere. It is now quick and easy to access your test data and status reports with our eDocuments system. Clients can now login to Biokinetics’ secure web site and have immediate access to their confidential test reports for downloading. It is a great way to share data with designated colleagues and to keep a history of all of your testing. Upon request, we will setup your account and issue you an access key. Contact us

October 2010

Implant_Test_ShdBiokinetics ballistics test lab was recently featured in William Shatner’s Weird or What? television series. Our technicians investigated the bullet-stopping capacity of breast implants to shed some light on a weird claim that a woman’s life was spared by her implant. See Episode 8 to stay abreast of this development...


June 2010

overlayBiokinetics offers a new headform (BLSH) for assessing behind armour blunt trauma.

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