BST – Ballistic SpeedTube™

BST_small Speed measurement of small caliber bullets and fragments such as the 2 grain RCC at high speeds can be challenging and/or costly with some ballistic chronographs. The SpeedTube™ solves this with its high-definition (HD) IR light screens that can measure speeds to over 1800 m/s (6000 ft/s) for bullets up to .50 caliber and fragments as small as 2 grain. The shielded light screens also cope with non-metallic projectiles and are self-adjusting to ambient conditions for hassle-free operation. Accuracy of the system and its fully integrated redundant light screens meets the stringent requirements of the NIJ 0101-06/07 and ASTM 3062 test standards assuring confidence in your results. Fully featured custom software calculates the averaged measured speeds and estimates the strike velocity based on AEP-2920 methods. Speed consistency checks between light screens and with the targeted value further provides reassurance and any anomalies are instantly highlighted for immediate action by the technician. All data is automatically indexed and stored and can be exported to other applications through the clipboard with user selected variables. The SpeedTube™ is quickly setup with the provided stand and once the range details are entered, the unit is ready and resets itself for the next test. Its accuracy, dependability, ability to deal with small high-speed projectiles and fully featured software will make the SpeedTube™ an essential tool for any ballistics test laboratory.

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