CHB – Clay Heating Blanket

CHB_Grey_BkgdConsistent evaluation of body armour’s ballistic resistance depends, in part, on the consistency of the ROMA Plastilina® clay that supports the armour. The clay’s stiffness is highly sensitive to its temperature and any variation may provide inconsistent results. For this reason, ballistic performance standards, such as those from the NIJ 0101.06, require clay verification tests to be conducted prior to each test session. However, it is widely recognized that the clay stiffness may vary across its surface due to temperature variations resulting from soak temperature gradients in the conditioning oven. Biokinetics’ Ballistic Clay Heating Blanket (CHB) has been developed to provide excellent temperature consistency across the surface and though-thickness resulting in less test variability. Its lightweight design and ability to control individual clay block temperatures makes testing in any environment easier and can extend the test time before the block cools by having the blanket re-applied at any time and in any location. The combination of precise temperature control and operational ease make the CHB an invaluable tool in any ballistics range.

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