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Blast Effects

Six Accelerometer Package (SAP)

sapThe Six Accelerometer Package (SAP) measures the linear and rotational accelerations of a mannequin headform in all six degrees of freedom for kinematics analysis or for use with head injury assessment functions.

The SAP is designed for blunt impact, behind armour ballistic strike and blast loading environments. Whether you need head acceleration, velocity and/or translation data, the unique sensor layout and computational methods offer improved accuracy in a more economical package.

Mannequin for Blast Incapacitation and Lethality

mabilA growing number of conflicts have now seen the use of enhanced blast weapons that create overpressures of significant magnitude and duration. To address the injury risk for infantrymen, a biofidelic and robust human surrogate called the Mannequin for the Assessment of Blast Incapacitation and Lethality (MABIL) was developed in conjunction with Defence R&D Canada. This experimental device monitors sternum acceleration and is used to assess blast overpressure attenuation systems and personal protective equipment. Please call us for more information.

BOM Blast Monitor

ied_simwebMedics can treat the injuries they see, but what about ones they don't know about? The Blast Occurrence Monitor (BOM) is used by field medics, commanding officers and soldiers on the battle front to identify exposure to blast overpressure and subsequent possibility of traumatic brain injury (TBI).

DSCF0023bwebThe BOM resembles a lightweight wristwatch but inside is a sensing element that ruptures when exposed to a preset rapid pressure change. The BOM unit is available in camo colours and may be worn personally or mounted to a vehicle or structure.

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