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Ballistic SpeedTube™

BST_smallMeasuring the speed of bullets and small fragments accurately to over 1800 m/s (6000 ft/s) is made possible with the latest SpeedTube™. Custom redundant HD sensors and software ensure accuracy and consistency along with automated assessment of fair shots and strike velocity. Many more features are described in our Product Ballistics Testing section.

Biokinetics 45th anniversary

Bio_45_002During its 45 years of business, Biokinetics is proud have helped improve the lives and safety of the military, sports professionals, first responders and the public by providing more realistic and comprehensive injury assessment approaches, better protective equipment design, offering expert advise and developing novel test tools to reflect the needs of today and tomorrow.Bio_45_Anniv_004

Biokinetics is open

Biokinetics is open for business, although we are carefully maintaining personal distancing and hygiene within our facility. Our ballistics and biomechanics labs are housed in different regions of our facility and shall continue operations to serve you. Many of us are working from virtual sites, but we remain connected as a team. In these challenging times, we thank you for your patience and we look forward to hearing from you by phone or email. In the meantime, we hope you and your families stay well.

Ballistic Yaw Sensor

YawYaw measurement is now easier than ever with the stand-alone sensor. Easy setup, high accuracy and automated analysis are some of the features.

 For more details visit our Ballistic Testing section

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