HIT – Helmet Impact Tower

Helmet Impact TowerBiokinetics' helmet impact tower (HIT) is used to evaluate the impact performance of helmets across a range of test conditions specified in standards such as the ASTM, CPSC, DoT, ECE and Snell. The self-supporting tower consists of a pedestal, linear bearing rail, lift carriage, drop carriage and lift motor. The drop carriage supports the locking ballarm and headform and is automatically raised to the user-defined height where upon command the helmet is released in guided free-fall onto one of many steel anvils. The forces transmitted to the headform are measured with an accelerometer located at the head's centre of gravity.

A full compliment of impact headforms, data acquisition and measurement systems is provided. Testing is streamlined and data reporting is greatly simplified with the integrated Helmet Test Software (HTS) and electro-mechanical systems.

The drop tower complies with many helmet test standards and it can be customized the client's exact needs.

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